Miyerkules, Marso 2, 2011

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Lawrence house bringing in local experts to help with variety of gardening issues
Gardeners unite.
The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts is hosting a gardening series where local gardening experts will share their blooming knowledge.
The series which runs during the month of April will feature four sessions dealing with everything from landscape design to fragrant herbs.
"If I had a dollar for every time someone said low maintenance, well ..." said Paul Churchill, landscape designer with Sipkens Nurseries on London Line.
Churchill will talk about landscape design and colour in gardens when he is the featured expert during the April 7 session.
"First words out of most people's months is low maintenance. I am going to try to make it easy and self-sufficient, generally improving their yard," said Churchill.
The landscape designer said he hopes his session will help those who attend to have the garden they want instead of just looking through magazines at the gardens they wished they had.
Ginny Schleihauf of Gardiners - and the Other Side in Mitton Village will talk about having a healthy garden in dry conditions.

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